Emlid and Pix4D launch a mobile terrestrial scanning kit to accelerate data capture

Emlid and Pix4D launch a mobile terrestrial scanning kit to accelerate data capture

The newly released PIX4Dcatch app is at the core of the software part of the kit, enabling precise scanning for both photogrammetry and LiDAR projects. The hardware part features the Emlid Reach RX RTK rover, which is equipped with an ergonomic handle and accessories. 

Emlid Reach RX is natively integrated with PIX4Dcatch and provides real-time positioning via NTRIP. To begin scanning, simply select Emlid in the RTK settings of PIX4Dcatch and add your NTRIP network credentials.  The integrated solution doesn't require additional setup or surveying skills—anyone on the team can use the kit, ensuring effective data collection as they move around the asset.

Proven workflows across industries

Easy to deploy yet highly accurate, the Pix4D & Emlid Scanning kit will become an important asset for professionals and non-surveyors in a range of applications:

  • Underground utility documentation and as-builts for companies implementing Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) best practices.
  • Construction inspection. As-built scans with faster data collection and design. 
  • Volumetric measurements. Effortless stockpile or cut and fill calculations.
  • Crash reconstruction. Quick roadway clearance with easy and accurate accident scans.
  • Combined aerial & terrestrial surveys. Creating a complete site view that enriches drone imagery with terrestrial scans of areas inaccessible to a drone.

Hardware: top-tier GNSS by Emlid

Emlid Reach RX works with any correction network (NTRIP) or a GNSS base station broadcasting RTCM3. The rover gets a fix in under 5 seconds even in challenging conditions and ensures centimeter-accurate positioning. Apart from the scanning tasks, it can be used with the survey pole as an RTK rover for data collection and stakeout. 

Designed for urban surveying, Reach RX has the following specs:

  • Rated IP68, sealed and protected from water and dust. 
  • Weighs 250 grams and can be carried in your pocket. 
  • An industrial-grade battery handles both high and low temperatures and provides 16 hours of work on a three-hour charge. You can charge it on the go from a USB port or power bank.

Besides Reach RX, the Emlid Scanning kit includes additional accessories: a scanning handle, ground tags (5 pieces), and a carrying case.

Software: powerful data capture & photogrammetry by Pix4D

The PIX4Dcatch mobile app enables you to use your smartphone for scanning, access RTK precision data through integration with Reach RX, and generate a digital model within minutes. 

The Standard Pix4D & Emlid Scanning kit allows users to store, annotate, measure, and share data online in PIX4Dcloud. You can also verify geolocated positions and visualize the project in AR. 

The Advanced Pix4D & Emlid Scanning kit goes even further and allows the analyzing and extracting of insights from both terrestrial and aerial data. Powered by the combination of PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey, it provides online and offline processing, advanced photogrammetry capabilities, team collaboration, and AR for CAD overlays. 

Order the Scanning kit from the Emlid store, with free hardware shipping across the EU or from the official dealers' network.

About Emlid

Emlid manufactures high-precision RTK GNSS receivers and software for the field and office. Built to last and provide centimeter-level positioning, Emlid Reach receivers are used for surveying, GIS, construction, drone mapping, and more. Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary (European Union), Emlid ships Reach receivers worldwide from its online store and official dealers.

About PIX4D

Pix4D is a leading provider of drone and terrestrial mapping and photogrammetry solutions. Pix4D products are developed in Lausanne, Switzerland. The company has five other offices in the USA, Germany, Spain, Romania, and Japan. Pix4D develops end-to-end mapping solutions that convert images into survey-grade georeferenced maps, models, and other business-critical insights using algorithms based on computer vision, photogrammetry, and machine learning.

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