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09 Maggio 2019 08:45

GEO Business 2019 Strategic Conference: In the world of the IoT, when does cool become creepy?

This year’s GEO Business show (21-22 May) in London includes a-free to-attend half-day Strategic Conference plenary session. Attracting a slate of high level thought leaders and opinion formers drawn from across the geospatial business spectrum to address the growing awareness of the concept of the Digital Twin. And – as mobile devices become ever more powerful in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) – they query, When does cool become creepy? Read more...
07 Maggio 2019 13:09

Geoprocessing and Archiving of Historical Aerial Images

3 - 4 June 2019 (IGN headquarters | 73, Avenue de Paris, 94165 Saint-Mandé, France) . More and more countries have digitized or are currently digitizing their archives of aerial images. They are a unique and relatively unexplored means to chronicle land-cover information over the past 100 years with very high spatial resolution. Such data provide a relatively dense temporal sampling of the… Read more...
04 Maggio 2019 08:26

Collaboration between WGIC and UNSD, marks a new milestone for strengthening global geospatial information ecosystem 

Geospatial World Forum 2019, bringing together more than a thousand industry thought leaders from over 75 countries in Amsterdam, had a great start in the evening even before the opening day. The World Geospatial Industry Council [WGIC] and the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), Secretariat for the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM),… Read more...
03 Maggio 2019 11:51

GEORES International Conference - Milan 8-10 May 2019

Politecnico di Milano, in conjunction with Università degli Studi Firenze (UNIFI) and Politecnico di Torino (POLITO), is organizing the 2nd International Conference GEORES 2019 on “Cultural Heritage: challenges, new perspectives and technology innovation Towards informative content models and beyond” (ISPRS and ICOMOS CIPA event). Read more...
17 Aprile 2019 13:48

International Symposium on Advanced Electrical and Communication Technologies

Under the Patronage of the European Space Agency (ESA), of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), and following the outstanding success of the previous edition, the International Symposium on Advanced Electrical and Communication Technologies ISAECT2019 will take place in Rome, Italy, from November 27th to 29th 2019 at the prestigious University of Rome Tor Vergata. Read more...
23 Marzo 2019 08:57

Smart cities stem from clever ideas

Developing the city of the future calls for experts with knowledge of various disciplines. But such minds are as yet few and far between. HFT Stuttgart has launched a new master’s program to train dedicated smart city experts. As part of INTERGEO from 17 to 19 September 2019 in Stuttgart, SMART CITY SOLUTIONS is serving as an innovative platform for projects in this field. Read more...
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