FIG - Summer school and Commission 3 + 8 workshop in Italy

FIG - Summer school and Commission 3 + 8 workshop in Italy

The workshop will take place as part of the XXII edition of the "International Summer School", organized by Comitato Internazionale di Fotogrammetria Architettonica. The coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on the world population. The urgent need to improve the habitat to better protect themselves within cities leads governments to focus on policies to protect the environment and the territory. But what are the planning policies to be implemented to overcome this crisis?

The help that digital and geo-information technologies can provide, in terms of ideas for the future, are essential for restarting development that respects our planet. The Prato conference, in the context of global environmental policies, can be important to encourage and publicize planning works and proposals based on the management of spatial data as a paradigm of the urban regeneration project and opportunities for sustainable city development.

Practical cases of strategies to transform and improve cities on themselves will be illustrated, avoiding the recourse to the occupation of further green and free land that would otherwise be destined for new urbanization; thus focusing on the regeneration of the existing degraded building heritage and the private and public spaces that fall within the urban perimeter.

Urban regeneration, which aims at a welcoming habitat, climatically neutral and efficient in the use of resources, is affected by the problems related to the rigidity of urban spaces, especially overcrowded ones, and by the need for huge economic resources. Could the enhancement of degraded urban areas be the best way to optimize existing and future cities?

The Workshop will be held both in presence, ensuring compliance with safety, and on line (vitual meeting).
If you have a paper that addresses the theme of the conference in any way, please submit it at the Joint Workshop of FIG Commissions 3 and 8, Prato, Italy.

The detailed program will be sent and published online as soon as the papers will be chosen.

See the overall programme and read more


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