Galileo Masters – the EUSPA SatCom Challenge

Galileo Masters – the EUSPA SatCom Challenge

In one of its challenges in this year’s Galileo Masters, the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is tasking all you bright minds with devising with an application that leverages satellite communications along with GNSS positioning and/or Earth observation (EO) to deliver solutions that meet societal needs. The deadline for submissions is 19 July – so you still have time to fine-tune your ideas. Join the EUSPA for Future Generations Challenges Webinar on 1 June for more information.

Secure connectivity is a new rapidly developing area. What’s more, combining positioning information and/or Earth observation data with reliable satellite communication services offers significant potential for the development of new market-oriented applications. It is precisely this potential that EUSPA wants to tap into with the SatCom Challenge in this year’s Competition. 

Satellite communication can provide essential telecommunication services, broadcasting services and data communications to users anywhere on the Earth, even when terrestrial means are unavailable. In the SatCom Challenge, participants are tasked with using SatCom along with high quality EO data from Copernicus and/or highly accurate GNSS positioning data from Galileo and/or EGNOS to deliver innovative solutions in a range of domains.

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Target domains could include transport, for example drones, maritime, autonomous driving, fleet and traffic management and so on, or low data-rate applications and the Internet of Things. Other possible areas include, but are not limited to, critical infrastructure monitoring, maritime and border surveillance and crisis management.

Information webinar

The SatCom Challenge is just one of the challenges that will be covered at a EUSPA webinar to be hosted at 11:00-12:00 on 1 June. Across its four challenges in this year’s Competition, EUSPA is looking for services, applications and business cases that use EGNSS (Galileo and EGNOS), either alone or in synergy with other space components, including Copernicus, to tackle important challenges faced by business and society. 

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Join the Galileo Masters ‘EUSPA for future generations’ webinar and find out more about the four EUSPA Challenges: Space for Being Safe & Healthy, Space for Fun, Space for our Planet and the SatCom Challenge. Participants will have the opportunity to get insights on the challenges, learn about possible areas of application and put their questions to the experts. For a direct link to the webinar, click here.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have all your questions answered and find the inspiration and encouragement you need to get your Galileo Masters ideas ready to submit by the July 19 deadline. 


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