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14 – 15 Marzo 2019 Parigi (Francia) EUROGEO 2019 “Teaching Geography in challenging times”


Whenever new technologies have emerged they have tended to transform our society. For instance, today we have access to an unprecedented quantity of geographic information and to sophisticated means of acquiring, manipulating and disseminating it. Rapid technological developments of the past century therefore holds the promise to do something similar for our current, post-industrial world.

On the other hand, enormous threats such as climate change, complex political and economic crises, territorial fighting and so on seem to intensify. As a result we are experiencing a period of dramatic and arguably irrevocable change within a wider context of turbulence in society. The result has been a great deal of polarization within our communities. With so much change and daily turmoil we are often asked to respond to questions and concerns about the future.

Geography has the potential to respond to these challenges. We believe that geographical knowledge and geographical perspectives plays an increasingly important role in our technology-oriented society where the study of place, space and process can help us understand and solve real-world problems. Indeed by using geographic information, we can actively construct, analyze and present different aspects of the world and act on these representations.

Our society depends on constructing an understanding and managing rapidly changing environments. Growing population will cause increasing demands. Resource developments in remote environments are needed to meet them. Now, more than ever, we all need to be able to access and use geographical information to examine spatial interrelationships and potential conflicts.

Within this context some of the cross-cutting challenges EUROGEO 2019 will seek to examine include:

  • What research responses can geography bring to dealing with complex challenges?
  • How do new technologies and the increasing open access to data help us to address issues we face today and those of the future?
  • What role does or should geography play in society?
  • How should education respond to the ever-increasing importance of geographic information?
  • What is geography‘s contribution to making citizens?
  • How does geographical education need respond to needs of society and the world around us?

EUROGEO 2019, Teaching Geography in challenging times will provide opportunities to discuss the role and potential of Geography to solve today and future issues as well as to respond to needs of society and the world.

We invite you to propose papers, posters and sessions on any theme or topic associated with the way geography and geography information addresses issues including the importance of Geography for all.

The conference will start at midday on 14 March 2019 and conclude at 2pm after lunch on March 15 2019.

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